Old Faithful: My Carhartt Sweatshirt

Carhartt Sweatshirt

Carhartt Sweatshirt Birth Date: December 26th 2001 And after four long years of heavy use, my Carhartt Sweatshirt looks almost new. The only noticeable wear is the color is fading slightly. In fact, the greatest threat to the long-term health of my sweatshirt seems to be my wife. No, its not that she’s a terror in the laundry room, she just threatens to burn it if I wear it “just one more time!” Yeah, over my dead body!

Meanwhile, I just threw away a Nike sweatshirt that wasn’t nearly as old. It developed several holes, and the bottom band stretched out badly. I don’t think it lasted more than a couple years, and it cost nearly $10 more than the Carhartt sweatshirt! I couldn’t ask for a better bang for my buck. Wanna take bets on how long my sweatshirt will last? Well, at this pace I’d say it’s got several more years.

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  1. I’ve had one of these sweatshirts for ten years and it’s in great shape. I wear it all the time to play football. I keep it in my trunk so my wife doesn’t have to see it hanging in my closet.

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