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Welcome to the Hard Hats Blog! This is THE place to be for information about head protection. Here you will find product reviews and helpful tips to stay safe on the job. Please, let us know of topics and/or products that interest you. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. hi, we are branding hardhats for one of our customers and we would love your opinion on this. We are recommending they place their logo only once, on the side of the hardhat. They would like to see it on both sides. In your experience what do your customers normally request when a logo has to appear on the side?


  2. Dave,
    Several of our customer request that their logo be applied on both sides of the hardhat for increased visibility. It is perfectly acceptable to do this and remind your customers to follow manufacturer’s instructions. I do hope that this has helped you.
    Gear Guru

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