How to Choose Welding Gloves

Rawhyde Welding Gloves

Choosing a welding glove can be a confusing venture. I realized at one point that I need a strategy. No, this is not playing a game of Battleship. Rather it is a strategy to ensure hand safety.  According to the American Welding Society, a simple strategy to purchasing welding gloves is to remember the 3 P’s – protection, performance, and price. Using this simple strategy will help you save time and money, as well as a trip to the hospital.

The first of the 3 P’s – protection prompts you to ask yourself, “What type of protection do I need?” First, you need to assess the level of heat used in your welding processes. As the level of heat increases so does the need for additional insulation in your welding glove. I will tell you welding gloves with heat protection come with a price – lack of control due to wearing a thick glove. For example, if you are welding with high heat or doing a lot of material handling thicker gloves made from side-split cowhide, elk skin, or thick deerskin are the ways to go. These types of gloves are made to withstand higher temperatures and offer increased abrasion and cut resistance. Gloves made with thin, soft, pliable leathers such as deerskin, pigskin, or goatskin are used for tungsten arc welding applications providing better sensitivity and control.

Tillman Welding Gloves

The second of the 3 P’s – performance is determining what type of welding you will be doing. This question is best answered by Features of Various Types of Leather.

Elk Skin – Good for working with heat and flame as well as abrasion resistant.

Cowhide – Durable and heat resistant, ideal for working with flame and heat.

Deerskin – Features most comfortable fit and dexterity.

Pigskin – Features best oil and weather resistance for ultimate safety.

Goatskin – Lightweight for comfort with oil and weather resistant for safety.

The third of the 3 P’s – price is assessing a range you will pay for welding gloves. Granted this choice is entirely yours, keep in mind that sometimes inexpensive gloves are not the best way to go. Some stores prominently display these gloves, because they need to be replaced often and therefore they make more money. In most cases, it is worth your while to pay a little more money for a pair of welding gloves that will be durable and offer good hand protection.

Harley Davidson Welding Gloves

It all goes back to saving time, money, and trips to the hospital. The good news is this does not need to be a wallet gouging expense. You can purchase quality welding gloves at reasonable prices protection from several manufacturers including: Tillman, Harley-Davidson, and Rawhyde Frontier. If you have any suggestions or opinions about this topic, please leave an opinion below.

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  1. Answered so many questions I was having! Company’s really don’t tell you where the different skin types rate as far as safety goes. I feel much better about making a choice now. Thank you!

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