Versatility of Fingerless Gloves

Many people inquire about the need for gloves that allow for maximum dexterity with optimal hand protection. The good news is there is a design of gloves that meets both requests. Fingerless gloves! What are fingerless gloves? They are gloves designed with optimal dexterity and hand protection in mind. They are similar to regular gloves with the difference being that the fingers are one-quarter to one-half length allowing the fingertips to be exposed. You may have seen bodybuilders, bicyclists, motorcyclists, inline skaters, and gardeners wearing them. As of recently, fingerless gloves have become popular with framers and those people who work in the traffic circuit.

Carhartt Fingerless Gloves

Depending on the type of work you are doing, there are several options to choose from. For example, Carhartt retails a top-notch fingerless glove ideal for industrial jobs and jobs around the house such as pruning the hedges and mowing the lawn. These gloves are made of full grain pigskin for durability with spandex on top providing optimal comfort and dexterity. A unique feature of Carhartt fingerless gloves is the thumb, first and second finger are left open to provide versatile movement. For additional comfort (and possibly reduce the occurrence of blisters) is gel padding in the palm for increased gripping ability and vibration protection.

Ironclad Framers Fingerless Gloves

There is a perfect fingerless glove designed specifically for framers. A well- known company, Ironclad, thought of framers everywhere when they designed these gloves. These gloves are the best on the market featuring reinforced stitching around the thumb, palm, and fingertips preventing rips and tears. The Ironclad framer glove provides optimal dexterity and complete hand protection in combination with breathable, flexible fabric to prevent hand fatigue.

Occunomix Fingerless Gloves

Another design of fingerless gloves is reflective from Occunomix and Ergodyne. These are perfect for construction flaggers, traffic controllers, and crossing guards. Reflective gloves by Occunomix provide the wearer the ability to be visible as far as 500 feet away. Ergodyne also retails reflective gloves with fantastic features including high gloss stop and go signals on either side of the glove. Both of these brands of gloves provide high visibility protection for both pedestrians and drivers to see the wearer.

Ergodyne Fingerless Gloves

In addition to these gloves being perfect for work environments they can be used at home too! A fine example of this is trimming the hedges. Fingerless gloves are ideal for this task providing protection from branches and thorns with more dexterity than regular gardening gloves. They are also great for cycling to decrease hand fatigue from holding the handlebars for extended periods of time. The list of possible uses for fingerless gloves is too numerous to mention. What do you use yours for? Give your fellow readers and us more ideas by leaving a comment below.

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  1. The type of work I do on my place requires a tough, supple, yet wear resistant glove. Two that I have found that suit these needs are “Performance Select” (Manufacturer unknown) and one which is marked “Wolverine Since 1883”. Many stores carry the Wolverine brand, but, few carry this particular style. The last Wolverine gloves I purchased were from Sam’s Club. Are there any other outlets in the Ft. Worth, Texas area which will have these gloves?

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