Women’s Safety Gear is Here!

Step right up ladies, a grand announcement is here! The premier internet retailer, ConstructionGear.com has dedicated a section of their store for guess who – hard working women who want work clothes and accessories that are feminine yet tough enough to handle laborious work. This section has everything today’s hard working women need including safety glasses, rain boots, work gloves, and so much more!

Gumballs Safety Glasses

First things first, we are in the twenty-first century and one of the most amazing evolutions has happened – women’s safety glasses. Gone are the days of wearing your male counterparts’ safety glasses sliding down your nose and impaired vision. It is truly a revolution for women when it is possible to purchase safety glasses designed just for us. My personal favorite is the Gumballs safety glasses by Gateway Safety. I am telling you ladies, these are so fun to wear. These safety glasses come in packages of ten in a variety of colors. I know 10 pairs may seem like a lot, but really it is just the right amount. If you are anything like me, I like to change things up every now and then or maybe you are a woman who prefers to be properly accessorized. There is a color for every mood and every outfit. Looking for more great accessorizing ideas?

Pink Rain Boots

It is that time of year when April showers are bringing May flowers and wet feet are abounding. Ladies, I found the perfect stylish and functional rain boots. They are Norcross Puddletons designed with 100% waterproof natural rubber, adjustable buckle for comfortable fit, and self-cleaning mud lug outsole. Not only do these rain boots have fantastic features there is a selection of pink and purple colors to choose from. My favorites are the pink Puddletons because they match so well with a pair of jeans and a work coat. Guess what, ladies – there’s more!

Women's Mechanix Gloves

Guess what ladies? You no longer have to wear the same work gloves as your male counterparts. Finally, Mechanix Wear has begun designing gloves just for women! These work gloves feature a synthetic leather palm that repels 25% more water and oil than ever before, two-way stretch spandex for superior fit and comfort and much more. The best part of Mechanix Wear women’s gloves is they are available in basic black and pink camo. They have a feminine appearance yet work just as hard as you do.

I could go on and on about all the great women’s work wear, but you probably would not to read a book on a blog. Yes, that is my feeble attempt at humor. Seriously, ladies, all of you should check out the fantastic selection of women’s safety gear at ConstructionGear.com. I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Please, leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Safety Gear is Here!

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  1. Help I need pink and or light blue work boots Do you have. Needed for me and my crew. construction as well as hiking. Thank you Trisha

  2. I want a pair of the cute rain boots thAt I can wear at work. I have searched the Internet and can not find the colorful wading boots with a safety toe. Do these exist?

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