Types of Hard Hats

According to OSHA, any work environment that could cause workers injury by falling objects or electrical conductors requires a hard hat. That sounds simple enough, but how many people actually know what kind of hard hat they actually need for the job they’re doing?  From aluminum to carbon fiber hard hats, hard hats by all manufacturers have to follow the same basic rules and regulations in the design of their hard hats.

Types of Hard Hats:

Hard Hats

  • Aluminum Hard Hats – Skull Bucket aluminum hard hats are the only aluminum hard hats on the market that comply with ANSI Z89.1-2003 standards.  Aluminum hard hats can typically withstand extreme heat and they are the typical choice of most oil well firefighters.  In general, aluminum hard hats are ideal for all jobs  that do not require electrical hazard protection
  • Bump CapBump caps are designed for industries such as pest control, meat and food processing, fruit harvesting, and many others.  Bump caps are typically made with Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), and normally are constructed in one solid piece.  Bump caps should not be used in lieu of a typical hard hat for protection against impacts to the head.   Bump caps provide only a thin covering for the scalp to reduce exposure to abrasions and lacerations due to minor bumps
  • High Visibility Hard HatsAs the name suggests, these hard hats are ideal for dimly lit working conditions.  They are typical for road workers and most construction workers who work late at night
  • Class A Hard Hats – Class A Hard Hats are designed to protect your head from falling objects, as well as protect you from electrical shocks up to 2,200 volts
  • Class B Hard Hats – Class B Hard Hats are also designed to protect your head from falling objects.  They do, however, also protect you from electrical shocks of up to 20,000 volts
  • Class C Hard Hats – Class C Hard Hats are designed to protect your head from falling objects, however they do not protect you from electrical shock.  Also, Class C Hard Hats are not designed to protect you from corrosive substances

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5 thoughts on “Types of Hard Hats

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  1. I am speaking from Ground Force Construction.
    We make prefabricated homes.
    We need hats for that.
    What kind of hat would you suggest and what would be the cost?

    936.825.2533 x 114

  2. Hello!

    All of our hard hats meet ANSI Z89.1-2003 requirements except the bump caps. If you are working around electricity, you do not want a Skull Guard hard hat as they are aluminum. Most of our hard hats are Type I (protection against falling objects or vertical impact), some of the hard hats are Type II (protection against vertical and lateral impacts). Both should be suitable for home construction. Other than that it really depends on the style you are looking for and the suspension. You can view the construction hard hats at the following link: http://www.discountsafetygear.com/cohaha.html#top. Please contact customer service directly if you would like a quote. Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I am on the board of Directors of a Golf Course and the Safety Director. I have instructed all workers to wear hard hats for their protection. They need a Hard Hat that would protect them from a falling object (such as a golf ball) but not from electrical. They also need as much protection from the Sun.

    Thanking you advance,

    Marvin Goodiel

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