Carhartt History

Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with some of the best and most well known brands on the planet at some of the lowest prices anywhere.  From Carhartt to Dickies to Arborwear, and everything in between, rest assured that we have the products you need for whatever job you’re working on.

Carhartt LogoOne of our most popular brands, Carhartt, is currently celebrating their 120th year in business and we’d like to say a few words about them.  The history of Carhartt is an interesting story, so sit back.. relax.. and follow us through the history of this remarkable family owned company.

Hamilton Carhartt was born in Macedon Lock, New York in the year 1855. Hamilton Carhartt’s vision soon became apparent when he actually changed his name by adding an extra “t” at the end in an attempt to ensure that he would stand out from all of the other businessmen. Carhartt initially began his entrepreneurial dream with a furnishing business, which initially fueled his ambition to succeed.  Carhartt’s furnishing business eventually led him to begin creating his own products.

Hamilton Carhartt

Carhartt soon realized that his products had to be different from his competition if they were ever going to stand out. After speaking with a railroad engineer, Carhartt created a garment specifically aimed towards the typical railroad worker, and this was something that had never been done up until that point in time. Hamilton Carhartt founded the Carhartt company in 1889 and began his operation with a single goal in mind.  Carhartt wanted to set a standard of excellence to which all others manufacturers and individuals alike would aspire.

The Carhartt company started with only 5 employees and only 4 sewing machines.  The original Carhartt product line consisted of not much more than overalls in denim and duck fabrics. Hamilton Carhartt was eventually able to establish himself as a presence in the overalls market through his frequent travels between towns, visiting each railroad division. With a vision and determination unlike few others, Hamilton Carhartt soon established a brand that truly has stood the test of time.

During The Great Depression, many people predicted the demise of the Carhartt brand.   After the year 1930, only 3 Carhartt Carhartt Overallsplants remained in the United States. Soon thereafter, Hamilton and his son Wylie embarked upon the “Back to the Land” campaign which led to the opening of Carhartt’s new operations in Irvine, Kentucky. In fact, to this day, the Carhartt manufacturing administrative offices are still located in Irvine, Kentucky.

Carhartt grew very rapidly throughout the beginnings of the 20th century, and they managed to establish 17 plants and with 3 mills throughout the Europe and North America. “From the mill to millions” was the Carhartt motto and it truly was reflected in the Carhartt operations.

Hamilton Carhartt passed away in 1937.  He was 82 years old. Today, the Carhartt company thrives as  a successful family owned operation, and they are still committed to Hamilton’s mission of providing the best available apparel for today’s and tomorrow’s active worker.

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