Wells Lamont Gloves

For over 100 years, workers everywhere have trusted Wells Lamont with all of their work glove needs.  Since the creation of Wells Lamont in 1907, the world’s largest glove manufacturer truly has remained true to its motto,  “Stubborn About Quality”.

Wells Lamont Gloves

The Wells Lamont company was started in the year 1907 by a 24 year old man named W.O. Wells.  He began manufacturing leather palm gloves from a 300 square foot building with just 5 sewing machines and $500 in capital.  It would be quite some time, however, until the Wells Lamont gloves company would truly begin to grow into the global force that it is today.  True to Mr. Well’s goal of  “delivering a top quality product made from top quality materials using top quality methods“, Wells Lamont gloves have gained worldwide recognition as being some of the highest quality work gloves on the market.

Wells Lamont Gloves

Today, the Wells Lamont gloves company has expanded their product line far beyond the production of simple leather palm gloves.  Whether you’re looking for Kevlar work gloves, latex coated work gloves, or just simple leather gloves, rest assured that Wells Lamont gloves will have the high quality and incredibly low prices that you’re looking for!

Be sure to check out us out for the lowest prices on Wells Lamont gloves anywhere!

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