In only a few months, Construction Gear .com will begin carrying an exciting new line of products. Blaklader workwear is one of the most durable brand of work clothes on the market today. They claim to “meet a professional’s demands for wear resistance and function” and to last over 3 times longer than competitor’s products.

Since 1959, Blaklader has been producing their exclusive line of work clothes. Based in Sweden, their workwear is sold in 17 countries world wide and continues to grow. Each year, 2 million garments are sold, and each item includes a lifetime seam guarantee. Blaklader is the only company that promises to replace your garment if a seam naturally tears.

Blacklader workwear is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and tested against tears, ripping, and shrinkage. All of the work clothes are made of either durable, spark resistant cotton, which is perfect for welding, or various cotton and polyester blends. These blends are warm in the winter, cool in summer, flame resistant, and more oil and water repellent than cotton. On top of this, all the seams are reinforced and garments include special features like extra pockets you can tuck in when they’re not in use, and lightweight knee pads sewn right into the garment.

Because many textile companies use harmful chemical and large amounts of energy, Blaklader strives to run enviro-friendly factories. Their efforts meet with the ISO’s environmental management standards.

Overall, Blaklader manufactures an impressive line of work clothes that are exceptional in quality. Look for them at soon!

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