Bucket Boss Bucket Organizers

On the construction site tools, nails, hammers and other miscellaneous items need to be kept in one place and organized so you can easily find what you need to get the job done. Bucket tool organizers make keeping your construction items together a snap! Equipped with a handy carrying handle, bucket organizers can be toted easily around the construction site with you so you never again have to leave the items you need behind.

Tool Bucket Organizer

  • Bucket Boss 35 Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer – These great organizers from Bucket Boss are made from Rugged Boss Tex Ripstop fabric for strength and durability to withstand rough treatment on the construction site. The 35 pocket bucket organizer has a handy hammer loop to keep your hammer in place and large pockets to hold spray cans and other bulky items. The dimensions are 8” x 8” x 8”. The roomy interior is also great for your larger tools too!
  • Bucket Boss Extreme Bucket Tool Organizer – This heavy duty bucket tool organizer is made from ballistic material for strength and durability.  This particular bucket organizer even comes with a handy safety glasses pocket and a rain and dust cover to protect your tools from inclement weather. Featuring a padded drill holster, this bucket tool organizer is sure to keep all your tools neat and safe!
  • Bucket Boss 56 Bucket Tool Organizer – Contains over 50 pockets, a drill holster, plus one large pocket to store your bigger tools to make them easier to find. Made of Rugged Boss Tex Ripstop material the organizer dimensions are 9.5” x 2” x 13.5”.
  • Bucket Boss Stacker – This handy organizer is a compartmentalized hard plastic carrier used to organize screws, bolts, nails, and washers to prevent you having to dig for the item you need! Includes a drill bit sizer, pencil holder and measuring rule and the Bucket Boss Stacker stacks 5-deep in any 5-gallon bucket.

Organize your tools by purchasing our fantastic low priced Bucket Boss items to make your workday run smoother!

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