Hard Hats Under $20

When you need quality hard hats at sensational prices, look no further! We have hard hats that meet ANSI safety standards for under $20 to keep workers safe and save money. Budget-friendly, these hard hats are made by established names in the industry such as Pyramex, Fibre Metal and MSA for superior head protection you can trust.

cheap hard hat

  • Pyramex Full Brim Hard Hat 4 Point Ratchet – This is a top-of-the-line hard hat equipped with a full brim and with its sleek design water is shed immediately without pooling on the hat. The tough shell of this hard hat is made from polypropylene to provide impact and penetration resistance from falling objects. The soft brow-pad prevents sweat from dripping into the eyes or onto safety glasses to promote clearer vision with no distractions. This hard hat has a 4 point ratchet suspension with replacement suspensions available. This Full Brim Pyramex® Hard Hat meets ANSI Z98.1-2003 Standards, Type 1, Class, C, G, and E. Available colors include white, gray, red, yellow and blue.
  • MSA Advance Vented Hard Hat: MSA Advance™ is specially vented to provide cooling and air-flow on warm days to stay more comfortable. These hard hats meet or exceed Type I (top impact) hard hat as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class C. ANSI Type I helmets meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. MSA recommends replacing hard hats and caps every 60 months and suspensions every 12 months. Colors available are white, green, hi-viz lime green, yellow, blue, red and high-viz orange.
  • Fibre Metal Supereight Hard Hat With Ratchet Suspension: Superior head protection is offered with this brand and model of hard hat with a padded headband for ultimate comfort. Eight load-bearing points stabilize and balance the hat during everyday wear. On impact the SuperEight Impact Energy Control System distributes the force over a greater area of the hard hat. All Fibre-Metal SuperEight® Thermoplastic protective hats and caps are SEI certified to ANSI Z89.1-2003. This item is available in a rainbow of colors.

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