Knee Pads Guide

There’s nothing worse than suffering unnecessary and agonizing knee and joint pain through the lack of knee pad protection while working on the job. Pamper your employees’ knees with ultra soft and durable knee pads that care for knees – hugging their unique contours while preventing injury. Keep knees stress free by choosing from our wide range of effective and popular knee-pads.  Some knee pads even slip straight into the knee-pockets of Carhartt work pants—what could be easier?

knee pads

  • Soft Cap Knee Pads – Slip resistant gel knee pads offer hardwearing support and comfort no matter what the workday has in store. These pads reduce pressure points and distribute body weight evenly for added comfort and less joint stress. Offering cut, abrasion and slip resistance the material grips surfaces to keep workers steady. For more endurance, the ballistic nylon outer shell resists punctures and tears. These knee-pads feature 12 mm NBR Gel Padding, 420D Nylon & Hypalon® Rubber Composite Pad, and breathable neoprene stretch straps and a hook and loop closure adjustment for a comfortable fit.
  • Large Cap Knee Pads – These gel non-marking pads are just what you need for the toughest of jobs. Cradle Technology™ conforms to the knees providing outstanding stability and decreased rollover. Biometric ergogel combined with large bolsters gives the wearer unprecedented comfort. An elastic strap hook and loop adjusts for a perfect fit on most legs.
  • Soft Knees – Roll these Soft Knees up and slip them into Carhartt work pants, jeans or bib overall knee pockets for the ultimate in knee comfort with no slipping or uncomfortable straps. And there’s no need to remove these Soft Knees pads before laundering the work clothes as they wash up like a dream! One pair (two pads) of Soft Knees provided with each purchase.

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