Hard Hats by North

Place your head protection safety in the capable hands of the folks at North. They know exactly what’s what when it comes to quality, value, and versatility in a hard hat, and they always come through with the styles you need for the job. Trust your safety to North.

Peak™ Pin Lock Hard Hat: This hard hat by North is of a dependable design featuring a grooved HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer shell, a rain trough, and accessory slots. This hard hat comes in a rainbow of colors to cater to your work-crews favorite shades. Featuring pin lock adjustment, and a 4-point nylon suspension with 3-level height adjustment, this hard hat is comfortable to wear and equipped with two anchor points for the chin strap. ANSI Type 1, Class E compliant. ANSI Type I helmets meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. Weight: 10.4 oz. Colors with an asterisk * carry a 2-3 week lead time.

Everest Wide Brim Hard Hat
Everest Wide Brim Hard Hat

Everest Wide Brim Hard Hat manufactured by North: This is an ideal hard hat for excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, rain and falling debris. This is the first full brim hard hat with accessory slots to be manufactured that accepts face and hearing protection; this makes the hat comfortable and versatile. Featuring a 4-point suspension designed for comfort with a forehead comfort band and crown pad, this hat has it all. This style of hard hat is available in red, yellow, orange, hi-viz red, navy blue, dark green and white.

Matterhorn Type II
Matterhorn Type II

Matterhorn Type II w/Quick-Fit Suspension: Features an HDPE outer shell grooved for rigidity, rain trough, and accessory slots. This hard hat is an excellent All-purpose lateral impact hard hat with a foam liner. Safety is always a number one issue and this hard hat meets or exceeds ANSI Type II Class E and CSA Class E requirements for vertical and lateral impact and penetration requirements. A rainbow of colors are available in this style of hard hat although colors with an asterisk * require a 2-3 week lead time.

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