Rain Boots for Women and Children

Make a big splash in the deepest of puddles with these rain boots in the latest fashions and the prettiest colors to complement any outfit in your wardrobe. 100% waterproof with great traction, choose from our line of colorful rain boots and you can’t go wrong.


Women’s Purple Rain Boots – Puddletons give you the leading edge in rainy day fashions, with self-cleaning mud lug outsole, and foot form contour insole. These two-tone boots are equipped with an adjustment buckle at the top of each boot for comfort. These purple people pleasers are available in sizes 6 through 11.

Women’s Pink Plaid Rain Boots – Puddletons have you stepping out in style wearing nifty pink plaid, and they’re sure to get you compliments. These 8 inch high rain boots come to just above the ankle for fashionable fun while puddle plunging. These pink plaid Puddleton boots are available in size 6 through 11 but no ½ sizes.

Women’s Pink Knee Rain Boots are contoured at the knee affording lower leg rain and puddle protection. Fashioned in deep pink, these pretty rain boots have a self-cleaning mud lug outsole for easy shedding of mud and superior traction. These pink rain boots are available in sizes 5 through 11; no half-sizes.

Women’s Pink Rain Boots – Puddletons are solid pink in color with dark navy trim and equipped with adjustable buckles at the top for a good fit. 100% waterproof, these snazzy looking boots look good with any outfit, and will definitely turn heads. These boots are available in sizes 6 through 11 with no half-sizes.

Kid’s Rain Boots – Fire – Kids will love these rain boots fashioned on real fireman’s boots equipped with easy pull-on boot loops made especially for little hands. Imagine how your little fireman will feel when he is running around the neighborhood in these fireman’s boots. Treat your special guy with a pair of these fire boots to keep his feet good and dry. These boots are available in sizes 5 through 13 with no half-sizes.

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