Tool Belts – A Lot of Weight to Carry

by the Professional Power Tool Guide Crew

One of the clearest signs of a professional handy-person is the tool belt. Tool belts are visual signals to your mind that indicate that the person in front of us actually knows what he/she is talking about. The proper tool belt is a sign of authority and instills confidence in everyone who wears one. More than the image however, tool belts are very useful. They provide comfort and support for the professional worker (as well as the novice) and allow him/her to keep everything organized, which greatly reduces the number of mishaps that may occur on a jobsite. Believe me, there is a reason that every professional clocks in wearing one that goes beyond a simple fashion choice.

Leather Tool Belt

When choosing tool belts, it is important to know who you are shopping for. The tool belt for an electrician will be different from the tool belt for a carpenter or a metal worker. Figuring out the profession in advance will greatly cut down the time spent shopping for a tool belt, because the selection will be cut down to a more manageable level. After all, why would you waste time looking through carpenter’s kits if you’re shopping for an electrician.

After you find out what your recipient’s profession is, research the jobsites where the tools will be used. If the person has to spend a lot of time on a ladder, then he/she may not want to have a tool belt that wraps all the way around the waist. He/she may be uncomfortable reaching behind his/her back to get something. Also, take health into account. The person might be the best at what they do, but an unfortunate back injury may limit the amount of weight that he/she is allowed to carry. If that’s the case, invest in something different, like a tool suspenders set or a padded apron. Don’t worry, no one will be ashamed. The term “tool belt” is actually quite liberal.

Steelers Tool Belt

Some people are more concerned with fashion and taste than others. For them, the traditional black nylon or brown leather tool belts seem plain and boring. That’s perfectly acceptable as modern tool belts come in an array of colors and styles. For the “anything” enthusiast, there are companies that produce belts with team logos or company information printed on the side, so he/she can still proclaim their allegiances without even uttering a single word. Shopping for tool belts need not be stressful. A few quick questions here and there can make the entire process run much more smoothly.

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  1. Ah, the tool belt! It is so much more important then I thought at first! Thanks for the tips though, they are sure to make the process of buying one a bit easier. At least the tool belt is the only thing I have to worry about. Taking the OSHA 10 made sure of that!

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