Power Tool Safety

by the Professional Power Tool Guide Crew

Power tools are arguably the greatest category of inventions known to human beings. There is something about a power tool that makes the user feel competent. In the hands of a master, a power tool is the ultimate instrument of creation. However, many people, even master carpenters sometimes fall into the sin of hubris. They begin to ignore the suggested safety regulations or, in the worst cases, never bothered learning them in the first place. Power tools are not weapons, nor do they contain any hazardous chemicals. However, power tools are not toys, and forgoing the proper power tool safety requirements is very dangerous.

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The most basic power tool safety rule that you can follow to protect yourself is to wear the proper attire. Let’s say that you are a master at using your device. You can control the tool itself, but you can never control the materials. Something may fly into your face and in that one brief instant when you lose control, you could make a mistake that could prove devastating. Wear goggles. You don’t have to wear tight clothing, but you should be aware that loose clothing is more likely to be caught inside machinery. Dress appropriately, and don’t make the mistake of neglecting your ears. Power tools, particularly the cutting tools, can be very loud and over time, the noise can cause permanent damage to the ear. Protect yourself and your hearing.

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When using power tools, it is never right to simply “make do” with what you have. Cutting corners may lead to cutting yourself. Always inspect the device before beginning work. If you see something wrong with the device, even if it seems like nothing, don’t use it. A frayed cord may seem small, but can lead to serious electrical shock, especially if you’re working in moist areas. Regardless of the area, you should always wear gloves for protection. However, if you’re working in damp areas, you may want to consider rubber gloves for added power tool safety.

There are, of course, other things to consider when using power tools, including adequate grounding and proper footing. Using power tools can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous. Read up on power tool safety procedures and follow the instruction guide exactly as it is written. Following the rules may seem boring to some, but it can lead to a long and healthy life of building/repairing for you and your workmates.

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