Safety Glasses – Seeing the Importance

by the Professional Power Tool Guide Crew

One of the mostly overlooked precautions that people should take when using power tools is the use of safety glasses. People wear gloves when working with something hot, they wear a mask to prevent inhaling noxious fumes or sawdust, they wear boots to protect their toes and even hardhats to protect their heads but they leave their eyes uncovered and vulnerable. The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to the kinds of projects that require power tools, so it seems odd that they are so often neglected.

Safety Glasses

For many handymen, the last time that they even thought about putting on safety glasses was in some high school technology or shop class. As they stood around, waiting in line for their turn to work the jigsaw they fiddled endlessly with the hopelessly unstylish “goggles” that they were issued and then reluctantly put them on when instructed. Most couldn’t wait to take them off and get back to business. What they failed to notice was all of the particles that were coating the surface of the goggles. All of that dust and wood had been stopped from damaging their eyes because they were wearing those goggles. Years later, in their own shop, most no longer use this important safety device.

Whether you are a hard core wood worker, a novice home owner that has simple repairs to do or a master carpenter, your tool box should include safety glasses. Available in many new and more attractive styles, some can even double as prescription glasses or sunglasses. Your eyes are extremely sensitive to debris and it really does not take much to injure your eyes and impair your sight. Wearing safety glasses is an easy and simple way to protect your eyes and your sight.

Prescription Safety Glasses

It is hard to say why so many people neglect to wear safety glasses when they are using tools. Perhaps they do not realize the dangers or figure that they will only be using the tool for a second, so it is more of an inconvenience to put the glasses on than it would be to just quickly do what they need to do. Unfortunately, it is exactly that kind of hasty thinking that can lead to the worst injuries. It only takes a few seconds to put on a pair of safety glasses but you can spend a lifetime paying the price if you do not. Protect your sight, put them on!

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