Bucket Boss

by the Power Tool Guide Crew

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a product, you just want a company to cut to the chase. There are so many advertising campaigns and commercial jingles out there nowadays that try to brainwash us all into buying one thing or another. Sometimes you just want good products from good people. Well, when it comes to tool belts and bags, you can look the Bucket Boss for that “cut the junk” kind of attitude. They have quality items at reasonable prices, and they don’t try to shove how amazing they are down your throat. They know they’ve got great stuff to offer, and they don’t have to degrade themselves to flashy advertising to showcase that. Here, we’ll take a look at Bucket Boss and their products so you can find out if this laid back company would work well for you.

Bucket Tool Organizer

Since they are called “Bucket” Boss, it’s probably pretty obvious that they sell Bucket organizers. These simple devices essentially look like a tool belt wrapped around a bucket, and they can easily organize all of your tools and accessories into one location. You can find them in a ton of different sizes to suit your specific needs, and quite frankly, they just look cool. The outer pockets are reinforced with rubber to keep all of your tools intact, which is one of the standards held by Bucket Boss and their products. They make sure that your tools aren’t going anywhere you don’t want them to.

Another member of Bucket Boss and their products is the tool belt. Rather than offering the standard Hulk-size fanny-pack version of a tool belt, this company goes one step further and puts suspenders around a lot of their belts for extra security. They do sell the standard belts though, all of which are made with extremely durable fabrics and are accompanied by a lot of extra holders that you can put on if you desire. A lot of the pieces on the outside of the belts are miniature bucket organizers, which just adds to your storage potential.

Beyond their basic line, Bucket Boss features tool bags, small plastic organizers, and portable pouches to suit your working needs. If you have to organize anything on a job site, this place probably has what you’re looking for. They feature some of the most long-lasting and strong pieces on the market today, and they never falter when it comes to customer service. Even if they don’t brag about how awesome they are, Bucket Boss and their products speak for themselves.

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