Carhartt Flannel Lined Pants

Did you have a hard time staying warm last winter? Are you having a hard time staying warm this winter? The solution to your problem may lie in the type of clothes you’re wearing. For instance you could probably warm yourself up quite a bit by wearing a pair of flannel lined Carhartt pants.

For men, Carhartt offers their Denim Relaxed Fit Jeans. I own four pairs of these jeans, and no, that’s not an exaggeration, because despite what some folks might tell you, nothing keeps a man warm in the dead of winter like flannel. After ordering a pair of your own and receiving them in the mail, you’ll notice some extra room in the seat and thighs. They’re made that way so that you can move around more easily out on the jobsite. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you ordered the wrong size.

Carhartt also makes a pair of flannel lined pants for women. Their Women’s Relaxed Fit Jeans are made entirely from ring-spun cotton denim with a flannel lining on the inside, which means you’ll stay warm on even the coldest of days. A contoured waistband, which Carhartt designed specifically for women, eliminates gapping in the back. Also, same as the men’s pants, you’ll have no trouble slipping these jeans over a pair of work boots, as they a large, straight-leg opening.

In the end, you’ll probably wind up loving your new flannel lined Carhartt pants so much that you’ll want to order a matching shirt, which, of course, is not a problem. Carhartt’s Flannel Lined Men’s Shirt is made entirely of a heavy canvas and has a flannel lining throughout. In fact, it’s so warm you might be tempted to do the same thing I often do – wear it as a jacket. And, of course, Carhartt makes one for women as well. Both are available in a wide variety of colors.

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