Carhartt Work Bags & Aprons

Many professions in today’s world require their practitioners to carry a large array of tools in order to get things done right, and in some cases simply transporting those tools to and from the workplace may seem like the toughest part of the job. A solution, however, is available: Carhartt work bags. They make moving from place to place with all your tools a real breeze. Available in both medium and large sizes, Carhartt work bags are hands down one of the best investments anyone that works with tools can make.

If you work with larger tools, such as power saws, owning a large work bag from Carhartt will make your work-life much more enjoyable; and seeing as how they’re made from denier water-resistant polyester, you’ll have no need to worry about your expensive power tools being damaged by moisture. These work bags also feature a 27-pocket design – 17 on the outside, 10 on the inside – meaning you’ll have no trouble getting, and staying, organized, while the extra-wide zipper-opening provides you with easy access to your larger tools.

If you work in a field that doesn’t require large tools, you might want to consider simply picking up one of Carhartt’s medium work bags. Aside from having one less pocket than the larger version, they offer all the same features, including the denier water-resistant polyester construction.

Once you get your tools to the workplace in your new work bag, you might find that you still have a habit of mislaying them about the jobsite. If that’s the case, you should really take a look a getting yourself a good tool and nail apron, also from Carhartt. Made from a firm-hand cotton duck, it has four large pockets that are capable of holding tools like wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers. It also features a pencil pocket and two loops that can be used for hammers. While it’s really great for carpenters, this apron works well for anyone the uses a lot of tools on a consistent basis, even if it be just around the house.

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