Carterpillar Shirt Jacket – Core Quilted with Hood

Today I’d like to tell you all about one of my favorite work jackets: Caterpillar’s Core Quilted Shirt Jacket with Hood. When you’re freezing on a jobsite, a good jacket can seem like your best friend, and this one from Caterpillar, a company known for the quality of its products, is no exception. What I like best about this Caterpillar shirt jacket, though, is how affordable it is—just 45.99.

Made from 100% cotton flannel and available in two different colors (plaid yellow and plaid grey), the Caterpillar Core Quilted Shirt Jacket with Hood is popular with folks across the country. This shirt jacket is also loaded with other features, such as a hood with a draw cord, chest pockets, a snap-flap closure and adjustable snap cuffs. It’s also really durable, usually lasting the wearer years and years.

Another great thing about this shirt jacket from Caterpillar is the fact that it can be worn both at work and around the house. Throw it on to go out for fire wood, clear the driveway of snow, or to get the mail. Wear it to go sledding with the kids, pick up something at the grocery store for your wife, or to say hello to the neighbor. And don’t forget to take out the trash!

Few shirt jackets will keep you warm like one from Caterpillar. Caterpillar has been around since before you were born for one reason and one reason only: they make quality products and offer them at affordable prices. For this reason and many more, I highly recommend that anyone looking to stay warm this winter take a gander at the Caterpillar Core Quilted Shirt Jacket with Hood.

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