Dickies Bib Overalls – 83294

This pair of bib overalls from Dickies is one of the most popular items for sale on ConstructionGear.com. By all accounts, they’re both comfortable and rugged, making them perfect for not only work but also a little R & R. The only complaint that we’ve received so far about these Dickies bib overalls is that they run a bit on the small side; that anyone making a purchase should order one size larger than they normally would.

Of course, our costumers are not the only people on the face of the earth that wear these Dickies bib overalls, and before writing this post I decided to rummage around on the Internet looking for other reviews. I didn’t find any that contained important information, but I did find some that made me laugh.

There was one review, for instance, in which the reviewer claimed to have used these Dickies bib overalls to create a Super Mario costume for his “first day of school.” After reading this, I naturally thought the reviewer was a child. I mean, no one besides a child would ever wear a Super Mario costume to his first day of school, right? Wrong! For in the very next sentence the reviewer reveals that he stands six feet tall and weighs 165 lbs.! Huh???

In a review directly beneath the one I just mentioned (these are all on Amazon), a woman says that she bought these Dickies bib overalls for her fiancé and that she was surprised to find that he actually liked them. Why was she so surprised, you ask? Was it because her fiancé hates Dickies bib overalls so much that he would rather be doused in scalding hot water than forced to wear a pair of them? No, she was surprised because he is a southerner! There you have it, folks! Even southerners love these Dickies bib overalls! I bet you’ll buy two pairs now, won’t you?

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