Emergency Radios for Winter

By Laura Jones

What a frightening situation to be in, when the snow has been falling for days and the wind has rattled windows. Then the power goes out, and you are left without communications to check the weather, signal for help, or do anything else. Did you know that every year there are lives that are saved because people involved had use of an emergency radio?

Emergency RadioThere are some people who know all about emergency radios, and there are others that have no clue but think their little home radio or car radio will suffice. However, emergency radios are special, and they are priced a bit more than your standard AM/FM box. There are several important features of these devices that justify the price, however, on average the price is not astounding or outrageously expensive. Can you really put a price on survival and being prepared?

Emergency radios are those things that you don’t need until disaster strikes. Of course once a disaster happens, either you have an emergency radio or you don’t, so obviously the opportune time to buy one is when you don’t need it! Eton Corporation makes premier emergency radios that do not ever need batteries. That’s right, their devices are going to be able to last until you are rescued or can get help. Each one of their radios instead comes with a hand crank, which is also known as a dynamo system that charges an internal battery. You can keep it in your shelter or basement for years and never have to worry about keeping batteries for it! When you are in a crisis situation, the last things you want to think about are batteries- how long are they going to last? Are they dead already? What if I am trapped here for days? You have to make sure you have a means of communication in order to optimize your chances of survival! Be sure to purchase an emergency radio before the time comes that you need to use one.

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