Tech-Gear Tool Bags by CLC

39 Pocket-Tech Gear Stereo Speaker 18inch MegaMouth Tool Bag1The new, sleek and trending tool holders and bags by Custom Leather Craft are the most convenient and easiest way to store all of your tools. The 39 pocket Tech Gear stereo speaker 18″ MegaMouth tool bag is great for anyone who is in the construction industry. This tool bag contains a portable audio system that integrates a high quality stereo speaker system designed to work with iPods and MP3 players. You can also connect your smartphone just by using the 3.5mm stereo jack (provided). The see-through cover helps you easily identify selections and functions on your music player or phone. The MegaMouth design is for easy access to the main compartment and has an internal metal frame to help keep it open. This bag contains 18 multi-use pockets inside and 21 on the outside for the ultimate storage for tools, parts, and accessories! This bag is currently $89.99.

Perhaps you are looking for a more affordable bag? At nearly half the price at $49.99 this 29 pocket Tech-Gear lighted 14″ BigMouth Tool bag is the right choice for you. This tool bag has built-in LED lighting that can easily be directed at your work area or into tool bag to view and identify tools and parts. The LED lighting is powered by 229 Pocket-Tech Gear Lighted 14inch BigMouth Tool Bag1 AAA batteries, which are included. There are three levels of light output allowing adjustments for wide area illumination or close-up work. BigMouth design gives easy access to tools and accessories. There are a total of 29 pockets! This bag contains padded carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable and convenient no-hands transport.



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