Which Way Does This Go?

Which way does this go? You may be asking yourself that question when using fall protection gear. In many instances, workers wear their harnesses too loose and many contractors buy the incorrect equipment for applications. For example, many contractors buy shock-absorbing lanyards and use them in areas with inadequate fall clearances.

TSK4000Special emphasis has been made by OSHA on Fall Protection Equipment, because falls from frightening heights still remain a critical safety challenge. The majority of the falls are from ladders and roof accidents, and falls are the most frequent cause of fatalities in construction sites. It’s important to identify hazards and decide how to protect workers. OSHA mandates that if any worker is at a height of 4+ feet the worker is at risk and needs to be protected. Fall protection must be provided at 6 feet in the construction industry.

There are many ways to ensure that you are protected from falls, including: guardrail systems, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems. It’s important to use safe work ethics. If personal fall protection systems are being used it’s important to ensure that employees know how to properly use and inspect the equipment. There are 3 key elements to personal fall arrest systems: anchorage, body wear, and connecting device. If these are used individually they will not provide protection, however in they are used in conjunction with one another they can provide the ultimate protection in the workplace.


OSHA has a few Fall Protection Tips for you:

  • Identify all potential tripping and fall hazards before you begin your work shift
  • Look for fall hazards such as floor openings/edges, shafts, skylights, stairwells, and roof openings
  • Inspect fall protection for defects EACH TIME you use it
  • Select, wear, and use fall protection appropriate for that specific task
  • Secure and stabilize ladders before climbing them
  • Never stand on the top rung or step of ANY ladder
  • Use handrails
  • Keep your work area clean of cords


For your Fall Protection needs, please visit our website. 

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