The Sound of Silence – Product Write Up

NOISE – any source from heavy machinery to nighttime snores can be beyond painful! Discount Safety Gear and Construction Gear have you covered! Ah, the sound of silence or almost depending on which product you choose from our more than 74 related products.  Buy ear plugs and/or ear muffs for less from Discount Safety Gear. We stock ear plugs & muffs from top brands like MSA, EAR, Moldex, Howard Leight, North & more! Fast shipping & top ranked customer service.

Ear plugs can often be the answer to the sounds that do not spell relief in the work environment and other places! Did you ever lie in bed at night listening to a great snore? Maybe you have tried to sleep with the best of snores.  It doesn’t work out so well!  We have got the very thing you need – “…aah! Blessed relief!”  It’s the sound of silence that does spell relief!

Online Store has a wide range of ear plugs. They all provide hearing protection in noisy environments. These earplugs are all rated to provide protection in a noisy work environment with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that indicates the power of that particular ear plug to block out noise.  Each ear plug is made from non-toxic, non-irritating material.

The Howard Leight Max Corded earplug has the highest NRR rating in the US at 33:

earHoward Leight MultiMax Earplugs – 200 Pair/pkg.  This product is uniquely designed and features a two-sizes-in-one ear plug, which allows you the choice of tip for specific comfort and personalization. It combines high ratings with convenient size flexibility, fitting all your ear protection needs. Two-sizes-in-one makes inventory control easy. MultiMax has Howard Leight’s trademark smooth, soil-resistant skin and attenuation effectiveness. These ear plugs are high-visibility coral and yellow colors.

neon earFor a less demanding noise level suppressor ear plug, the Moldex Traffic Cone earplugs come in small, foam traffic cone shapes. They block noise but also allow some sound to penetrate the plug’s barrier to facilitate communication between workers.  We also like the EAR Classic foam yellow earplug like the MultiMax, our two-sizes-in-one earplug that gives the wearer a choice between pointed and rounded plug ends.

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