Giving thanks for wrapping up the living room

20140719_132813Good afterI took one week to give the wood in the living room some attention – it’s parquet that was salvaged from an area school gym back in the 60’s. I went over each square, scraping and polishing, first with wood cleaner and restorer, then lemon oil, then did the same again to the wainscoting. I used the disposable knee pads from Discount Safety Gear, as well as orange oil and a plastic scraper.

I will have Andy come over and help move furniture this week and then call this one good. It was under budget and done quickly, which I really needed! I am still at about $80 for this room and have enough paint to do the library similarly. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until after the first of the year for that, as I need to take a break. But here are the before and after photos of my living room. I may update after I finish with the decorating details.On Thanksgiving Andy and I slept in four days in a row (we typically get up individually between 4:30 and 5AM) and enjoyed leisurely coffee and television – two things we typically don’t ever get. I took Black Friday off and enjoyed part of a hockey tournament. Then I went through all of my Christmas ornaments in preparation of next week.

20140719_132755I wanted to include a before (left) and after (right) photo of the fireplace area. My mom shared with me this weekend that the beam for the mantle came from the Bradford house. There is so much rich history in this house!

20150117_10025020150117_100236In December I will decorate and clean what I can, as well as I can. I hope you join me! (who likes to clean and decorate alone!?)

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