Part 2: Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage


Last week we talked about cleaning out the things you do not need from your garage & cleaning up the floors. Now that we’re done with the dirty job, lets work on the fun part…organizing. There are so many different ways to organize your garage but we’re going to give you a few easy ideas and you can pick the best ones to suit your family.

You’re going to be working with power tools for some of these tips so make sure you head over to get some safety glasseswork gloves, and tool holders to make the job safer & easier!


First, lets get things off the ground with Ceiling Track Storage:

You’ll need:

Three 2 X 2s (however long you want the track to be)

Three 1 X 4s (same length as the 2x2s)

Big Plastic Storage Bins (make sure they have a lip on the outside)

1.Screw the 2×2’s into the ceiling (spacing them far enough that the bins fit just inbetween them).

2. Screw the 1 x 4’s on top of the 2×2’s (flat side down)

3. Fill the storage bins with lightweight things such as decorations, sleeping bags, etc and place in the tracks! Label the bottom so you know what is in each!




This next one is super easy & cheap. Just get some PVC piping and you can make easy & fail-proof rake/shovel storage & power tool storage.


Our last easy tip is to get some heavy duty hooks at your local Home Depot or Lowes and hang your bikes up to save even more room!


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