Let’s Talk Brands: Ergodyne



This week we want to feature Ergodyne, a hardcore & reliable work wear brand. Ergodyne is the brand of choice for those who demand performance, productivity and a return on their investment. They sell everything from warming apparel to duffel bag gear storage. They are a do-it-all brand and we’re proud to sell their product.

Back in 1983, they began the motto “Make the Workplace a Betterplace”. And they have stood up to that standard ever since. The ProFlex line was the first to emerge in 1985 which soon was followed by the introduction of vibration-reducing gloves, one of their best selling products. By 2001, they sorted out all of their “new business issues” and began the Tenacious Work Gear line. This gave way to all of their amazing products they offer to us now!

Our top products here at Construction Gear are no doubt Tenacious.


Ergodyne 16 Pocket Carpenter Apron:

Ergodyne 16 Pocket Carpenter Apron 5700

This apron is perfect for around the house jobs or for work. This 12 oz. cotton duck apron has 16 pockets for easy and quick storage of your tools while you work. You have specific pockets for pens, your phone & your hammer. The neck strap is designed for comfortable, all day wear. If you find yourself misplacing tools while your working or forgetting where you set them down last, this is the perfect product for you at the low price of $20.99!




Ergodyne Chill-Its Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest:

Ergodyne Chill-Its Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest - 6685

This vest is one of our newest and most popular items. It is very innovative and something new to what we carry. You simply fill the vest with 13-20 oz. of water to activate and it can provide up to 3 days of a cooling effect! There is a plug in the back where the water enters the vest. This comfortable vest is perfect for warm days and has zipper closure.





Ergodyne Proflex Anti Vibration Gloves:

Ergodyne Proflex Anti Vibration Gloves - 9015FX

As I mentioned above, Ergodyne is well known for their anti vibration gloves because they are top notch! These gloves are made of pigskin leather palm and fingers and a woven elastic cuff. These gloves meet the standards to prevent injury from long term impact or vibrating power tools.

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